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Cash from your home to pay for a holiday

When you think about it, the fact we tend to go on holiday to a hot country in the Summer months is a little bizarre. It would in fact, make a LOT more sense, to book up and go in the Winter. Think about it logically, in the Summer months we get decent enough weather at home, so why do we choose then to go and make the most of other countries? If you didn’t get a Summer holiday this year and are feeling a little disgruntled, then don’t worry! Here is how you can plan the perfect Winter holiday.

Research Your Options Well

If you’re looking for Winter sun, then be sure to research your options well so you know exactly what you’re getting in for.

For example, say you were planning on selling your house. If you were interested in going through a ‘we buy any house’ company and this was delving into unknown territory for you, then you’d thoroughly research the company itself and what it is that they offer so you knew what to expect in entirety. Well why should going for Winter sun be any different?

Unfortunately, not all countries are hot and sunny all year round. Although Spain is an extremely popular holiday destination in Europe for tourists throughout the Summer, unfortunately they experience Winter just like many of us, and although it may not be AS cold, you’re not going to get those lying on the beach sipping a cocktail vibes and temperatures that you’re dreaming of.

If you’re looking for year-round sun, sea and sand – then going a little more exotic may be right for you. North Africa, Turkey and the Canaries are renowned for being the perfect year-round holiday destination, because they’re a wonderful climate regardless of the time of year. Although the Canaries for example are known for being a little breezy – it’s a much needed and well received breeze as it offers a warm blow of relief from the sweltering sun. If you don’t know much about the world’s winter climates, then doing your research prior to booking could be the difference between you going on the holiday of your dreams, or ending up disappointed.

Try Something Different

Although the Summer is often about busy hotels, all inclusive resorts and enjoying the typical Summer holiday abroad, if you’re going at a different point in the year, why not try something a little different on your travels too?

If you’re usually a go-to hotel person, why not consider renting a small apartment while you’re away in the Winter instead? Likely, wherever you go will be less busy with tourists than it would have been a few short months ago, and it’ll give you an opportunity to live like one of the locals and enjoy the traditional culture and cuisine.

Apartments and villas also offer a LOT more privacy and peace than hotels, especially if you have your own pool area at your disposal. So if you’ve had a busy Summer working and you want some chill-out time to kick back, read a book and hide from the rest of the world, this could be an ideal situation for you.

Book in Advance

Although flights tend to be cheaper in the Winter anyway, it goes without saying that the sooner you book, the cheaper you’ll get your Winter break. So don’t sit “umm”ing and “ahh”ing and weighing up the options for weeks on end – get your research done, find a place, and get it booked.

The sooner you book it, the sooner you also have something to look forward to as well! For a lot of people, the cold Winter that’s ever closing in can act as a catalyst for negativity and feeling blue, but if you’ve got a week in the sun to look forward to – it won’t seem all that bad!

Look for Restaurants and Activities

Last but certainly not least, make the most of your time away by planning it to an extent before you get there, and take a look at the restaurants and local activities that may interest you while you’re visiting.

Unlike staying in a hotel, if you rent an apartment, you’ll have to be entirely self-sufficient. That’s why it’s a good idea to know the best bars, cafes and restaurants around – and what supermarkets are available – before you actually go, otherwise you’re likely to waste a lot of time searching for them. Likewise, if you know you might fancy a day trip or specific activity, look into that in advance too. It’s always good to be prepared and make the most out of a trip – especially if it’s not your average one!

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