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These Redecorating Tips Will Ensure Your Home has a Quick Sale

When it comes to selling property, home owners hope and aim for two things above everything else.

The first is, without doubt, that the property will sell for market value, if not above. So much of the time, people will have to reduce the price of their property in order to sell it accordingly, and it generally goes that the longer a property is on the market, the more its price has to be reduced.

Which brings us very nicely to our second point, which is that home owners hope for their properties to sell quickly. It’s a well known fact in the industry that the quicker your property sells, the easier the process is and the more likely you are to get it for its value or beyond.

So, what can we do in order to help our homes sell quickly? Well, one of the key things that we’re capable of doing ourselves, is a little bit of redecorating.

Today, we’re going to be telling you our top tips on redecorating your home, in order to help it to sell more quickly.

redecorated kitchen and breakfast area

Opt for Neutral Colours

One thing that inevitably attracts property buyers to a property, is if it’s decorated fairly neutrally.

Now, we know, it’s difficult when you’ve lived somewhere a number of years and have entirely moulded it into your style. This is great if you’re staying put, however, if you’re selling on then you might want to think about changing a few things around. You might love bright, statement colours, but not all potential buyers will, and it won’t show the property itself off to its full potential.

Neutral colours are attractive to potential buyers for two reasons. The first of these, is that it gives them a blank canvas to work with. When people see a property for the first time, they immediately imagine how they would have it, and what their own stuff would look like in a space – and bright colours and patterns can detract from this. Neutral colours gives them a basic backdrop to visualise against, and therefore allows them to see the potential of the property itself in their eyes.

Secondly, potential buyers are always looking for space and light. Neutral colours will help to optimise these qualities in even the naturally darkest of spaces, and therefore will make the space look immediately larger and more appealing.

With that in mind, it might be worth giving your rooms a lick of neutral toned paint prior to hosting viewings. Just a thought.


It doesn’t matter whether you’re a self-confessed hoarder or a regular Marie Kondo practitioner. Whether decluttering sparks joy or is a dreaded task, it’s something that must be done in the lead up to selling your home.

Generally speaking, clutter makes a space look smaller, and dirtier – two things which will immediately put off potential buyers. Even if you’ve got huge rooms and you’re one of the cleanest people in the world, it’ll have an impact. So get rid of it – it’ll save you a lot of hassle when you come to moving yourself too.

If you don’t need it and it can’t go to the local charity shop, get rid of it. If it is something you want to keep but it’s just lying around, then find somewhere to store it. the process is incredibly simple, and the results are indisputable.

Don’t Forget the Exterior!

One thing you’ll probably have heard property industry professionals refer to is “kerb appeal”. This term very simply translates to how attractive your property is from a street view.

With that in mind, do not neglect the exterior. Even if it’s simple things like painting your fence, cleaning the brickwork, and putting down a new doormat – get it done! Remember that this is the first impression potential buyers will have of your home, and it’ll therefore set the tone for the rest of the viewing too. The better their initial thoughts, the more positive the result is likely to be. Remember that.

Let the Light In!

Last of all, make an effort to make the space look as bright as possible! Neutral colours are only one way of doing this, so be sure to take these tips into consideration too.

Open up all of the curtains, switch good overhead lighting on, and really let people see what the property looks like in the daylight. We know it can be challenging at this time of year, but generally potential buyers will understand that.

No one wants to buy a dark house – so make use of your windows, and let your property shine.

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