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Top Tips for Decorating Your New Apartment

What apartments lack in the space of a traditional house, they more than make up for in their other qualities. A lot of first time buyers will opt for an apartment over a house, because a lot of the time it better suits their needs – after all, if you don’t need the extra space, why pay for it? One of the great things about apartments is that they’re usually very centrally located, with great access to shops, bars, restaurants and whatever else you could wish for. But what if you’re moving into an apartment for the first time, and you’re unsure how best to decorate it in order to optimise its features? Well, if this is the case, here are some top tips and tricks you can use when decorating your new apartment.

Declutter BEFORE You Move

Whether you’ve just bought for the first time from a house selling website that helps you sell house fast, or you’ve had a chat with your estate agent and simply decided on downsizing, there is something you should always, always do if you’re moving into an apartment, and that’s the art of decluttering.

Whether you’re a Marie Kondo enthusiast and the idea of decluttering sparks joy in your life, or whether you can’t stand the idea of spending hours slogging over old belongings, it really doesn’t matter. When moving to an apartment, you’re not likely to have as much storage space as you have previously, or would elsewhere. This is why clutter is a no no.

A good method of decluttering, is making a schedule and going through your home room for room (or if you’re moving fresh out of your parents house, possible draw for draw). Make a decision about what not you want to keep, but you need to keep. Although sentimentality is fine to draw upon for certain belongings, if it’s a really old jumper you never wear but you’re reluctant to throw out, consider thinking twice. The less junk you take, the more space you’ll have to play with when you move in.

Think About Practicality

Although it might be traditional to have, say a dining room, in the usual household – apartment living is a little different. Before you go spending money on bits of furniture you think you need because it’s traditional, think practically.

For example, how likely are you to actually sit at, or use a dining room table? Think about your day to day life, and what you do at current. Even if you’re just leaving your family home and grasping your initial stages of freedom, we bet you hardly even used the table there, right? A lot of people have the dining table there, for special occasions like Christmas and perhaps birthday meals, but a lot of the time it actually sits there stagnant. Very simply put, if you’re not going to use it, don’t make a purchase. You should save the space for something else.

Give Every Room a Scheme

Okay, so you might not have many rooms to work with, but that doesn’t mean that every single one can’t be stylish in some way.

If you’ve got loads of decorating ideas, and are worried you’re not going to have the space to use them all – then why not give each room it’s own distinct style, colour scheme, and personality?

For example, if you’ve always dreamed of having a boho apartment living room, but you want the luxurious bathroom and bedroom, then why not have both? Both styles work equally well in apartments, and are beautiful in their own ways. Your living room might be all about bamboo, house plants and rugs, and your bedroom about silk and satin – what’s not to love? Let your creative side flair.

Make Sure You’re Buying the Right Sized Furniture, and Be Smart

It’s true that all of us have probably dreamed of owning a California king bed, or an enormous corner sofa at some point, but unless you’ve got a mansion of space to fill, this probably isn’t the best idea.

Putting furniture like this will make an apartment seem cramped and overcrowded – it’s sad, but true. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t have wonderful furniture – it just has to be appropriately sized.

Finally, be smart with your furniture when choosing it. If you can go for a multi-functional piece, then why shouldn’t you? It’s not that you won’t have room in an apartment, but optimising the room that you do have is crucial for comfortable living. It can be as simple as going for a wall mounted lamp instead of a free standing one – chic yet practical.

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