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We Buy Any House Companies: Are They Safe?

We Buy Any House Companies – Are They Safe To Use When You Need a Quick House Sale?

we buy any home

Selling your house fast to a quick house sale company online is not something most homeowners have thought about. In fact, a recent survey found that 7 out 10 homeowners didn’t actually realise that ‘we buy any house‘ companies actually existed. Most UK homeowners opt to sell their homes via the traditional route of an estate agent – however with most estate agents taking a average 4 -6 months to sell a property, we buy any house firms have seen an increase in their use over the past decade.

At ChaseHomes our background is predominantly from an estate agency background, however being in the property market so long we have also experience first hand how these ‘we buy any home’ companies operate and have the ability to guide and give knowledge to any homeowner thinking about using one in 2020.

Below we have highlighted our top 5 facts about we buy any house firms and we hope that homeowners can make their own minds up about whether a service like this is suitable for them.

  1. 1. We Buy Any House Or Something Else?

Some firms advertising online to buy any house are actually not in a position to purchase a property. Dedicated we buy any house reviews and sell house fast websites claim that most advertisers online fall into three categories.

  • Genuine ‘we buy any house firms’.
  • Estate agents pretending to be a we buy any home company.
  • Lead generation firms.
  • Property sourcers
  • Weird and wonderful ‘option’ sales that never really come off.

From our experience we have found this to be true, and customers need to be wary of any company that tries to sign you into lengthy contracts, asks for fees up front or tries to do something that doesn’t seem right like using their own valuers to value your property.

  1. 2. Who Are The NAPB?

Setup for the sole purpose of protecting homeowners who are considering using a quick house sale firm, the NAPB (National Association of Property Buyers) are an independant voice of the quick sale industry. If you are considering using a we buy any home service this should be one of your first checks to make sure the company you are looking to deal with are members.

  1. 3. How Long Will A Sale Take With A We Buy Any House Firm?

A genuine we buy any home company should be able to complete on a sale in as little as 12 days and should not ask you to pay any fees. Any company that asks you to sign into an estate agency agreement and claims to be a cash buyer is likely just going to list your home on the open market in the same way a traditional estate agent would do.

  1. 4. Who Will Complete My House Valuation?

Most we buy any house firms will use a RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors) surveyor to carry out the valuation on your home. Some quick house sale companies will use three independent estate agents to get an average valuation before making you an offer. Whatever the case we always suggest you get your own valuation from multiple estate agents and do your own research into property sale prices in your area before accepting an offer from a we buy any house company.

Remember you need to consider the condition of your home, the location and any other factors when comparing your home to another property in your street that has sold.

  1. 5. Will I Get 100% Market Value For My Home?

No we buy any house company will give you 100% of your asking price when you opt for a quick sale. These companies are out to make profit and will likely offer you around 85 per cent of the current market value.

In Summary

To generalise most quick house sale companies are completely safe to use and if you need a very fast sale of your property and can’t hold out on the open market, they do provide a service that suits some homeowners.

The main thing to bare in mind is not every company can offer the service they claim they can. Due to the ‘we buy any house’ marketplace being unregulated, they can often make claims that are blatently false advertising. Make sure to have your wit’s about you, do your research and check out reviews online before making any decisions.

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